lørdag 28. februar 2009

Dominant dog collar

Hva synes dere om dette båndet og måten å bruke det på?
Det skal brukes helt øverst, rett bak ørene, for å effektivt stenge av oksygentilførselen til hunden, om så, til den besvimer (se tekst under).

Video av dominant dog collar

Til bruk på aggresive hunder skriver han:
"I will set a dog up by putting a hidden sleeve on. Then I will have a second handler there for back-up and for safety. I will have a line over a tree limb with the line hanging down near the level of my knee. I heel the dog to this location and attach the line to the dominant dog collar. At that point I will do something that causes the dog to attack me. When he does I offer the arm with the hidden sleeve. When the dog is biting the arm the second handler will raise the dogs 4 feet off the ground. I remain totally calm and look the dog in the eye and tell him he will not bite me. The dog stays there until he passes out. Then he is lowered to the ground and lies there until he regains consciousness. Then we start again. Usually these kind of dogs will only have to be hung 2 or 3 times and they quickly learn that you are a big person - the way they look at it is that you have the power to kill them at any time. This is a big big point in establishing dominance with dogs like this."

Er det nødvendig å bruke noen form for strupehalsbånd? Er vanlige strupehalsbånd i feks kjetting noe bedre, altså hvis man bruker det (rykker i båndet)?

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